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John Notten



John Notten is a Toronto artist and educator with a BFA and BEd from York University.  He is the former Head of the Visual Arts/Technology Department at Mary Ward C.S.S. in Scarborough, lecturer for Niagara University and frequent guest speaker at a variety of conferences in Canada and abroad. 

John Notten is a Toronto-based contemporary artist and educator.. His work is shown primarily in the public realm, with large-scale ambitious projects presented throughout Toronto and across Ontario. His art practice focuses on the reconfiguration and decontextualization of common, mundane objects that are reimagined in unconventional ways. The immersive, interactive installations Notten creates offer a radical shift in the meanings of the materials used.   Addressing issues of displacement, consumerism and power, he creates participatory  installations that immerse the viewer in alternative environments through the re-crafting and repurposing of multiple, prefabricated objects. 


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