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  The Tent Project
Agnes Jamieson Gallery 2016
Minden, Ontario
Grimsby Public Gallery 2017
Grimsby, Ontario

A thin membrane of fabric is stretched over an armature; such is a tent.
For many, it offers a nostalgic memory of the cozy camping experience, characterized by the sounds of rain on a tent roof and the smell of musty canvas. And yet this humble object offers multiple personas. While the tent may be an essential piece of equipment for those who choose to ‘rough it’, it is also the only shelter that protects the refugee. For the protester, it offers strength in numbers and a potent symbol for a cause. For the homeless, it is, out of necessity rather than choice, a place to truly call home.
The Tent Project explores these multifaceted contexts. From campgrounds to tent cities, it uses the common tent, in all its configurations, to examine notions of privilege, power and equity.

  The Tent Project
Agnes Jamieson Gallery
Minden, Ontario
July 8-Aug.26, 2017
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